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    David J. Singleton, CPA, MST

    66 West Street

    Leominster, MA 01453

    Tel: (978) 840-6920

    Fax: (978) 840-6970

  • About Us

    David J. Singleton, CPA, MST provides individuals, business owners, and non-profit organizations with a full range of traditional accounting services, including personal tax, corporate tax, payroll, state and local tax, valuation, estate planning, due diligence, secession planning, and merger and acquisition assistance. We consider our friendly and highly trained staff to be our single best asset, and when combined with our company culture, established and proven business processes. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, while ensuring that all of our services are provided with the upmost integrity.

  • Services

    Our services cover nearly every aspect of the financial realm. We are experienced in individual tax and business tax. We can help you lay the foundation for a retirement that works and is care-free. We are here to answer a wide range of financial questions. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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    Tax Services

    10 million tax payers missed out on a chance to get a bigger refund last year simply because they neglected to fill out one line on their tax return. Will you miss a similar opportunity this year? Today’s tax laws are increasingly complicated and the rules for deductions and credits change year by year. Learn more...

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    Business Services

    Most small business owners waste valuable time attempting to manage finances and keep up the bookkeeping end of their business when the time could be far better spent focusing on the service or the clients your business specialize in. Learn more...

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    Non-Profit Services

    Non-profit organizations of all sizes continue to expand as a major part of the economy, and it is increasingly important for leaders of these organizations to be informed about their responsibilities as they manage their staff, fundraisers and volunteers. Members and donors require additional levels of transparency and accountability from non-profit organizations, while concurrently, the accounting and tax rules related to non-profits are become more complex. Learn more...

  • Our Team

    David J. Singleton, CPAs has been in public accounting for over 30 years serving individuals, small and medium sized businesses, as well as non-profits. Our offices have been located in Leominster, MA for nearly 20 years. Located in Central Massachusetts allows us to service Massachusetts' clientele from Boston to Springfield.

    David J. Singleton

    Owner, CPA, MST

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    Dave Bell


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    Our services are built on relationships. Please let us show you how managing financial responsibilities can be done better.